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In contrast with the hit-and-run approach that has caused the failure of most ICOs, PLMP Fintech has introduced the revolutionary concept of long-term commitment for its CMB coin, a fundraising tool, utility token and durable asset aimed at closing the gap between B2B and B2C operations.


Through the sale of CMB tokens to users, PLMP Fintech has been able to pursue its plan of acquiring tangible assets and developing technological solutions to guarantee long-term productivity and generate a stable revenue.

Participating in the Creatanium project means sharing the long-term vision that will turn PLMP Fintech’s heavy commitment in investments and in the set-up of facilities into a durable and wealth-generating Ecosystem.

“Punters just want to get rich, but it is those who believe in our vision that will eventually achieve wealth”

- Peter Lim, Chief Strategist

The steady increase in value during its first two years of operations prompted a small group of CMB users to reap their short-term profits and leave the Ecosystem instead of joining the vast majority that is still actively supporting PLMP Fintech’s vision. These sudden requests for cash-out took a toll on the reserves that had been allocated to the development of our long-term plans, among which the Creatanium Smart City that will bring tens of thousands of businesses to Cambodia in history’s first mass adoption of a digital currency (CMB) for both B2B and B2C transactions.


Committed to our vision and strengthened by our broad community, we decided to open our Ecosystem to the institutional investors that were willing to partner with our projects so as to guarantee adequate funding for their development. We will honour all requests for cash-out as this service is one of the core components of our Ecosystem, whose ideal is to make digital currencies available to the masses in both ways.


As we become stronger, we are however gradually adapting our token distribution plans to ensure that our audience of users is in line with our long-term concept and that no punters are given access to our Ecosystem to compromise the stability of CMB for short-term gains rather than as a reflection of PLMP Fintech’s business model.

We are committed in making CMB a world-class business asset that SMEs and other entities can trust for their daily operations.


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