Token timeline

May 2019

Introduction of four new plans to promote Creatanium as utility and asset: Freedom, Cash Flow, Growth and Wealth.

July 2019

Appreciation of the value of the Creatanium token on CMBDEX fuelled by adoption until reaching US$2.

Launch of Creatanium as e-payment tool at the fully automated KOPITech food court at Singapore’s Funan Mall.

June 2019

Introduction of the branded Creatanium Blockchain Smart City purchase program with three tiers of bonuses.

August 2019

September 2019

Presentation of the new concept of “monthly unlock” with the consolidated Abundance token purchase plan.

Launch of the Creatanium token in the global market with the listing on top exchanges as LAToken and Chaoex.

October 2019

Official launch of the Creatanium token at US$0.20 for public sale leading a Consortium of 10 ICOs.

May 2018

August 2018

Introduction of the Blockchain Empowerment Program (BEEP) with three branded token purchase plans.

November 2018

Listing on the CMBDEX exchange platform with a two-folded increase over the month to almost US$0.40.

January 2019

Launch of the Creatanium Wallet as the sole digital platform and mobile app to host Creatanium tokens.

Presentation of the Creatanium Merchant Onboarding Program to boost acceptance of the token among businesses.

February 2019

Gradual growth of the token price boosted by PLMP Fintech’s business achievements until hitting US$1.

March 2019

April 2019

Launch of the “three Ws” (Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness) vision for the Creatanium token through education and adoption.


Grand Opening of the Cambodian headquarter in downtown Phnom Penh with partner companies CSME and WS Asia Group and launch of the "Shiok Night" business networking series.

Recognition of the legitimacy and long-term sustainability of the CMB token with the admission to the CoinMarketCap list.



Official presentation of the Creatanium Technological Park concept: Cambodia's first international hub for global MNCs and SME incubator.