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The first digital token in history to gain mass adoption thanks to a continuously expanding ecosystem designed for individual users and businesses.

Singaporean start-up PLMP Fintech was founded in November 2017 with the aim of leveraging on the latest business opportunities, financial instruments and technologies to create multiple platforms for companies and entrepreneurs to grow their revenue and international reach. The focus of PLMP Fintech’s mission is on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which statistics show as being the backbone of the world’s economy yet facing severe challenges especially when it comes to accessing loans.

Joining the pioneer wave of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the firm broke the news in May 2018 after launching a Consortium of innovative start-ups for one of the largest fundraising exercises through the issuance of digital tokens. In early 2019, PLMP Fintech entered into one of Asia’s most promising developing countries to lead businesses and entrepreneurs into Cambodia’s booming economy through networking, match-making, one-stop branch set-up solutions and the creation of a Smart City.

"Create multiple platforms for companies and entrepreneurs to grow their revenue and international reach"

The Creatanium (CMB) blockchain coin launched for fundraising purposes during the firm’s Initial Coin Offering in 2018 was the initial move of what has now become a holistic ecosystem encompassing a digital wallet and an exchange platform, all running on a proprietary secured network. Branded the world’s first business token, allocation, distribution and trading of CMB are strictly controlled to guarantee stability and real market value based on the firm’s performance and assets rather than speculation.

Managed by PLMP Fintech’s tech division, the Creatanium enterprise blockchain protocol won accolades in May 2019 after being awarded a national-scale contract to reshape Indonesia’s logistics sector through the creation of a commodity exchange platform to cater for real-time tracking and management of transactions. The development of the Creatanium Smart City in Cambodia will see the integration of digital ledger technology (DTL) in a Special Economic Zone.


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