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The Creatanium Wallet is a hybrid online and mobile application that acts both as a secured storage for digital currencies and as an e-payment gateway to transfer and receive digital tokens.


While specifically designed to cater for the firm’s ecosystem with services that are exclusive to the CMB coin, the platform is open to other cryptocurrencies as well to extend its functions to the broader community.


CMB tokens can be purchased directly from the Wallet with a completely automated process that only requires the submission of proof of payment and relevant documents for KYC (know-your-client) clearance.


Transfers to other users can be made instantly with a few clicks, including payments for purchases made at PLMP Fintech’s partnering businesses by scanning a static or dynamic QR code.


PLMP Fintech’s vision is to cater its ecosystem and services for businesses. A novelty in the world of crypto payments, this move is part of the firm’s vision to adapt blockchain solutions to the requirements of businesses rather than the opposite.

Merchant Dashboard

The Creatanium Wallet is made up of multiple platforms, including a Merchant Dashboard designed for enterprises to keep track of the CMB tokens received as payments from customers and clients and a hybrid settlement system that allows for either storage in a dedicated e-wallet or immediate conversion into fiat currency to offset the risk of fluctuations.

Overcoming technical challenges

Bringing digital tokens to the masses

In mid-2019, the Creatanium Wallet made the headlines with the launch of Singapore’s latest high-tech shopping mecca, Funan Mall, where the e-payment gateway developed by PLMP Fintech was successfully integrated in the centralised self-ordering kiosks of a food court with more than 10 independent tenants.


With the same easy procedure employed by other mobile applications, including China’s giants WeChat or Alibaba, CMB users as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum holders would just need to scan a QR code and confirm the transfer to have their order delivered electronically to the chosen stall, while businesses would receive the due amounts through a fast and automated settlement.


A secure network

Bringing hackers to justice

Operating within the same ecosystem also creates a high level of security as the flow of digital tokens is privately recorded at any given moment, making it easy to spot and block fraudulent transactions. In June 2019, a user had his e-mail account compromised with passwords leaked and used without his knowledge, including that of his Creatanium Wallet. An unauthorised transfer of CMB coins was not only tracked and reversed, but the perpetrator identified and reported to the authorities within 24 hours.




Born as an e-storage for digital money, the Creatanium Wallet continuously expands its scope and functions to reflect PLMP Fintech’s mission to create services that can connect enterprise to the potential of blockchain and create an added value for their business to grow.

Planned for 2020, the Creatanium E-Commerce offers a platform for products to be advertised and purchased directly from the Wallet with an automated transfer from the user’s chosen cryptocurrency storage.

Download the Creatanium Wallet

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